An opportunity for Yemeni journalists, academics, writers and human rights activists

An opportunity for Yemeni journalists, academics, writers and human rights activists
An opportunity for Yemeni journalists, academics, writers and human rights activists

Blogging about Human Rights issues, IDPs & Refugees in Yemen

Community media and blogging have become one of the most important tools used by human rights defenders to address issues related to human rights and raise violations committed by individuals, governments, or institutions, in addition to highlighting special issues with the aim of mobilizing, raising awareness, and combating human rights violations.

From this standpoint and within the activities of the Accountability for Human Rights Project, Musalaa for Human Rights announces to all Yemeni journalists, writers, academics, activists and bloggers from inside and outside Yemen who are interested in writing about human rights issues, issues of displaced persons or refugees in Yemen and human stories, the opportunity to participate in writing articles / blogs / human stories in order to express human rights issues in discreet writing with a human rights dimension.

Where these applications will be received, reviewed, selected, then edited in both Arabic and English, and published and promoted widely on the website and social media platforms of the organization.

Through this opportunity, Musaala Organization for Human Rights aims to provide information and analysis on the human rights situation and various humanitarian issues in Yemen, and opened its doors to good writing regardless of the author's name, status or experience, hoping that this opportunity will provide serious and sober contributions and distinguished content that will benefit the reader. And it is available to everyone, in an effort to enhance human rights communication between the Arab and Western public, and to enhance advocacy and accountability on human rights issues and violations caused by the parties to the conflict in Yemen during the past years.
The accountability organization calls on all those interested to participate in this opportunity, blog and address human rights issues that concern their societies, and take advantage of this space so that they can play their advocacy and educational rights role towards their societies.

Participation and selection criteria:
The writer must be of Yemeni nationality and residing inside or outside Yemen.
- Has a passion and talent for writing and blogging, and previous experience during which he published writings and articles in any field.
- That the articles or blogs written by the writer or blogger present his ideas and analyzes on current events related to the human rights situation or the humanitarian situation of the displaced in Yemen, or the policies currently used by the concerned parties, or blogs covering events close to him and that have a human and human rights dimension.
Articles or blogs should contain sober human rights opinions and positions that cover, discuss, analyze or criticize human rights conditions.
- The articles or posts should be between 2,500-5,000 words and have not been previously published or evaluated by any other party.
- The works and writings that will be selected and published on the organization's website and platforms express the opinions of their authors, and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the organization.
- Commitment to the scientific rules in preparation and writing in terms of writing references, researchers' names and citations, and it is preferable to place the sources of referrals at the bottom of each page, and the main references and sources at the end of the article.
- The priority of selection and publication of the submitted works is according to the importance of the topic, the method of presentation, the date of receipt, and compliance with the required amendments.
- Each article is presented to the editorial team, then reviewed and made any necessary amendments with the writer to ensure that the final articles conform to the applicable publishing conditions and standards and their validity for publication.
In our evaluation of the materials received, we will rely on adherence to the standards of credibility, accuracy, and impartiality in presenting any idea, and on the consistency of the materials with the rules of human rights and principles of international law.
- The writer who has been approved for the article to be published will receive a simple financial incentive of $ 200 for his efforts in writing and blogging with us.

Participation and submission mechanism:
Regarding the mechanism for participating in this opportunity, all those who want to do is send us your post in an MS.Word file, font size 12, to the email below:
And he writes in the content of the email his personal information and contact numbers when sending the post or article.
It will be answered by the editorial team within a maximum of two weeks from the date of receiving the participating materials.
Deadline for receiving entries: February 15, 2023.